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Frequently Asked Questions

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All FAQs

New Product Updates I would like to be kept up to date on the latest products and news, please can you send to me?

To be kept up to date for a specific product or to find out what new products are coming out soon, please contact marketing@maxell.eu with 'Keep me updated' in the subject heading.


I would like a brochure, where can I get one? Brochures can be downloaded from here and on individual product pages. Read more...

Technical Assistance: Recordable Media Discs Which recordable media disc do I need to use?

Please check with your drive manufacturer which discs you need to use. This will be mentioned in the manual and should also be shown on the actual hardware.


Technical Assistance: Tablets Why can I not find Google Play on my Maxtab? The Maxtab Tablets do not come pre-installed with Google Play. Read more...

Can I upgrade the firmware on my Maxtab Tablets? The Maxtab tablets are designed for a specific platform, therefore Maxell is not able to provide firmware upgrades.  Maxell do not recommend upgrading firmware. Read more...