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For recording with DVD-RW video recorder or DVD-RW drive for PC
Rewritable recording format
Single Sided
Normal speed DVD-RW is 1x to 2x speed compatible, and High Speed DVD-RW is 2x to 6x speed compatible
DVD-RW discs are re-recordable up to 1000 times (depending on video quality and recording mode)
DVD-RW records up to 120 minutes for video in standard mode/4.7GB for data storage
DVD-RWs recorded in DVD-Video mode can be loaded into many DVD video players and DVD-ROM drives for high-performance results in playback
Available in 10 pack, 25 pack, 50 pack and 100 pack spindles
Also available in Jewel Case
Technical Specifications
Recording Capacity 4.7GB
Recording Speed 1x - 2x recording speed and 2x - 6x recording speed
Disc Diameter 12cm
Recording Time 120 mins

Additional Information
Conforms to DVD Specifications for Rewritable Discs (DVD-RW)

Prędkość nagrywania
1x - 2x recording speed and 2x - 6x recording speed
Pojemność do zapisu danych
Średnica płyty
Czas nagrywania
120 Mins